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  • Hops Labour Solutions’ operations director Sarah Boparan said she had received 14,000 applications

  • G’s has also reported a “steady stream” of responses

  • It comes as major food suppliers such as 2 Sisters appeal for temporary workers


UK fresh food businesses have seen thousands of applications from Brits following the launch of recruitment drives for domestic workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Applications from UK workers for roles picking fresh produce have almost doubled in little more than a week, whilst poultry processor Moy Park has hired 400 temporary workers since launching a recruitment drive two weeks ago.

Hops Labour Solutions’ operations director Sarah Boparan said she had received 14,000 applications, up from 8,000 last week.

The ethical labour provider, which has teamed up with its main competitors Concordia and Fruitful in a bid to tackle concerns coronavirus could see a shortage of seasonal labour, is now placing successful applicants for roles beginning between now and May.

Meanwhile, G’s has reported a “steady stream” of applications following the launch of its Feed our Nation campaign last week.

The food & drink suppliers hiring new staff to cope with coronavirus

“We continue to keep campaign momentum up through social media, university outreach to attract students and ongoing dialogue with the broader food industry, hospitality and leisure who may have people that can be redeployed,” said group HR director Beverly Dixon.

Last weekend, 2 Sisters Food Group became the latest food business to make a plea for workers.

Launching what it called its first-ever nationwide recruitment campaign on social media, its CEO Ronald Kers called for “several hundred” permanent and temporary staff as it tried to keep up with increased demand brought about by the virus. Kers said the opportunities on offer ranged from factory work to logistics roles

As The Grocer has reported since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, British workers have been particularly sought after by the sector as it ramps up production to meet increased consumer demand.