>>A natural, traditional premier bread sauce mix

Product: Gourmet Bread Sauce Mix

Company: TheShropshire Spice Company

Launch date: March 2005

The idea for Gourmet Bread Sauce Mix came about when manufacturer The Shropshire Spice Company realised that all the bread sauces on the market came in powder form and were pouring sauces.

“After testing out other bread sauces, we felt we could make a better product,” said The Shropshire Spice Company director Fiona Mulroy. “We questioned some consumers and found that they would prefer a traditional bread sauce, which they saw as a thicker spooning sauce.”

The Gourmet Bread Sauce Mix contains no additives or preservatives and is a dry mix, meaning it can be kept as a store cupboard ingredient for a long time. It retails at 99p.

The newcomer, launched into independents including Fortnum & Mason and Chatsworths last month, claims to be the only gourmet spooning bread sauce available and is said to differ from its competitors by being “thicker, more representative of the traditional home-made sauce and as natural as possible”.

The company, purveyors of premium gourmet stuffings, dips and gift boxes, is keen for the product to achieve listings in the multiples.

“We would like the larger retailers to consider listing the product to give consumers a quality option that is not currently available to them,” said Mulroy.

The Shropshire Spice Company is backing Gourmet Bread Sauce Mix with below-the-line promotional activity.