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Buoyant Booker defies Tesco deal distraction talk Subscription

19 May 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty, Alec Mattinson

Tesco’s proposed £3.7bn takeover of Booker has not distracted the wholesale giant as it delivered a 15% growth in pre-tax

booker customer

City snapshot: Booker profits up 15% ahead of Tesco buyout Subscription

18 May 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

Tesco-bound Booker saw pre-tax profits rise 15% in its full financial year, driven by rising non-tobacco like-for-like sales growth. Plus, all the rest of the latest news from the City

booker londis budgens

Booker retailers undecided on merits of Tesco merger Subscription

28 Apr 2017 | By Adam Leyland

The majority of Booker retailers don’t know what to think about the deal

booker depot

Booker shares fall as Tesco shareholders protest merger Subscription

31 Mar 2017 | By Edward Devlin

It comes as Booker reported a strong end to its financial year

Tesco booker merge

'Abandon Tesco-Booker deal' plea falls on deaf ears Subscription

30 Mar 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis claimed most major shareholders remained supportive of the deal

Tesco's Welwyn Garden City HQ

Edgy shareholders won’t scupper Tesco-Booker deal – but they can make it difficult Subscription

28 Mar 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

Two high profile investors have written to the firm to try and block the deal, although the threat is miniscule, the supermarket giant could do without their intervention 

Tesco booker merge

Media Bites 28 March: Tesco investors warn against Booker deal Subscription

28 Mar 2017 | By Alec Mattinson

“Call off Booker takeover, Tesco investors demand” is the main business headline in The Times (£) this morning on reports that two major Tesco shareholders have warned against pursuing the £3.7bn deal.

palmer and harvey lorry

Tesco-Booker clouds the air for Palmer & Harvey and the tobacco giants Subscription

21 Mar 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

No smoke without fire? P&H has been making moves to become less dependent on tobacco companies for sometime, but rely heavily on them for financing, but will it be one merger too many for industry?

big 30 gun

The Big 30 wholesalers 2017: Why Tesco & co are gunning for wholesale Subscription

17 Feb 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

Tesco-Booker deal could trigger consolidation in the Big 30 on an entirely new level. So what does the future hold?

tesco booker stores

Tesco-Booker deal scrutiny by CMA ranges from 246-400 stores Subscription

10 Feb 2017 | By Ian Quinn

The successful completion of Tesco’s merger with wholesale giant Booker hinges on around 400 stores

tesco booker

Indies split over impact of Tesco-Booker merger plan Subscription

03 Feb 2017 | By Ellis Hawthorne

The independent trade is split down the middle on the merits of the shock £3.7bn Tesco-Booker merger

charles wilson and dave lewis

Tesco-Booker merger: all you need to know Subscription

02 Feb 2017 | By Ian Quinn

What is the rationale, and who will the winners and losers be? What’s the view of the City?

Tesco click & collect

Tesco eyes click & collect and e-commerce with Booker move

02 Feb 2017

Sir, Tesco’s mega-merger move is just part of its evolution as in today’s grocery market


The shock megadeal that I just can’t see happening Subscription

31 Jan 2017 | By Ronan Hegarty

One is big in the north, the other big in the south … but even so, specualtion of a Sainsbury’s-Morrisons merger would really push the envelope

tesco booker

Government rejects petitions asking it to block Tesco-Booker Subscription

31 Jan 2017 | By Ellis Hawthorne

The petitions claimed the deal will give Tesco control of its competitors’ prices and remove thousands of jobs

booker depot

Tesco and Booker antitrust teams talk merger with CMA Subscription

30 Jan 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Any decision by the CMA on whether to launch a formal investigation is looking unlikely until at least next week

Tesco Express

Tesco and Booker confident of merger approval but CMA may have other ideas Subscription

27 Jan 2017 | By Edward Devlin

One of the major unknowns thrown up by the surprise Tesco takeover of Booker is how the CMA will react and what remedies will be required to appease the monopoly watchdog. We look at the deal’s chances.

Premier store front

Twitter Reacts: Tesco and Booker merger

27 Jan 2017 | By Ellis Hawthorne

The social media response to the shock deal

tesco store

Tesco's Booker deal is further evidence of supermarket future-proofing Subscription

27 Jan 2017 | By Emma Weinbren

For Sainsbury’s and Argos and Morrisons and Amazon, you can now read Tesco and Booker

Tesco Booker

Tesco 'skinny' offer premium leaves Booker deal open to rival bids Subscription

27 Jan 2017 | By Edward Devlin

Tesco’s £3.7bn takeover of Booker could spark a bidding war as rivals attempt to muscle in on the deal, according to analysts in the City.


Tesco booker merge

Tesco and Booker should provide more clarity on deal Subscription

28 Apr 2017 | By Adam Leyland

Uncertainty over the Tesco-Booker deal is inevitable given the unprecedented nature of the deal

Tesco Booker

Dave Lewis still has work to do to sell the Booker deal Subscription

13 Apr 2017 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco’s planned £3.7bn merger with Booker hung like a huge shadow over what was otherwise a resurgent set of results

steve parfett quote web

Crumbs from Tesco's table?

02 Mar 2017 | By Steve Parfett

The idea that an independent would be prepared to act as an unpaid labourer for Tesco is unforgivably insulting

David Sables

A bright side to the Tesco-Booker merger Video

15 Feb 2017 | By David Sables

I wonder how many people read the wholesalers & independents pages in The Grocer for the first time last week

David Sables screenshot_resized

Three big opportunities for suppliers from the Tesco-Booker merger - video Video

14 Feb 2017 | By David Sables

David Sables of Sentinel Management Consultants explains how suppliers should best approach negotiations with Tesco and Booker

Tesco Booker

How will the CMA view the Booker-Tesco deal? Subscription

03 Feb 2017 | By Adam Leyland

Charles Wilson has run rings round the competition for years. Can he now run rings round the CMA?

Charles Hall_picture quote

Catering, not indie retail, is the key to Tesco-Booker merger

02 Feb 2017 | By Charles Hall

It is great to hear that everyone will benefit from the Tesco ‘merger’ with Booker - but it’s also somewhat disingenuous

mark grice quote web

Get set for tough talking on mega-merger

02 Feb 2017

The announcement of Tesco’s bid for Booker surprised many – not least thousands of independent retailers

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