Emmi is set to follow Starbucks by introducing a vanilla variant to its Caffè Latte range of chilled RTD coffees.

Caffè Latte Tahiti vanilla will hit stores at the end of February as Emmi’s first limited-edition variant, joining Emmi’s existing permanent Cappuccino and Light Caffè Latte iced coffees. It will be replaced in the autumn with another limited edition.

Emmi had tested several potential flavour additions inspired by coffee drinking culture, said a spokesman. “Our consumers picked vanilla as the best.”

The forthcoming launch follows the rollout of a vanilla variant for Starbucks’s Frappuccino range in October, which will gradually replace the strawberry Frappuccino in the range.

Emmi’s launch of a vanilla variant is evidence of competition between the brands hotting up.With £8.2m sales, Starbucks currently holds a £3.7m lead.