In 2006 it was hi-definition, email phones, iPod, hi-fis and Nintendo Wii, but what will 2007 bring? Solar-powered electric supercars? Laser TVs? Tickets to ride the Airbus A380? Maybe all the above and of course, Sony's latest gadget, the PS3. Sony has gone all out on the follow-up to Playstation 2, which sold more than 100 million worldwide.

That's two for every owner of Michael Jackson's Thriller album (or 12,500 for each person who bought his new album in the US). The PS3 is almost too far ahead of the game technologically. It boasts a Blu-ray drive and the processors inside are nearly twice as fast as the Xbox 360's. Brits will have to wait until 2007 for its arrival but coupled with a ten-year product life at £42 a year, it's worth waiting for.

The launch in the US a few weeks ago was dampened by reports of dwindling supplies and the delay of three games announced for the original launch.

Hardcore gamers weren't put off, however - the 60GB PS3's price on eBay rocketed to the $2000 (£1,060) mark recently, with the website restricting sellers to listing one console per account and banning shipments to Europe. A spokesperson confirmed the PS3 is set to launch in March 2007 in ­Europe.

Vectrix Scooter, February

The Vectrix is the first enviro-friendly scooter to give you a decent ride. Reaching up to 75mph, it has a 120-volt battery putting out 29hp. It can hit 50mph in seven seconds - you'll be home for a game on the PS3 before

Philips Blu-ray recorder, April

Blu-ray players will be unveiled in Japan this month. And with Britons now buying an HD-ready screen every 20 seconds, expect generation after generation of 1080p hardware from disc burners to screens in 2007.

Nokia Wibree, December

Getting your Bluetooth watch to work just got easier with Nokia's Wibree.This wireless radio standard is similar to Bluetooth, working alongside it. It runs at 1Mbps and consumes about a third of the power.