There was more good news for Birds Eye this week, with Myleene Klass signing up to TV ads that will feature get-fit exercises.

"I love to hula," she said, a reference to her exercise regime, rather than UB's suitability as a Birds Eye target, presumably.

Meanwhile there was more good news for Unilever too. As well as selling off the Italian frozen food operations at a very decent valuation, it secured the rights to sell ice cream on the streets and beaches of Rio de Janeiro breaking a 30-year monopoly previously enjoyed by Nestlé.

And you may also have missed the fact it's secured a settlement from the BNP over breach of copyright. Griffin claimed Unilever was mocking the BNP when it aired TV ads for Marmite featuring a 'Love Party' and a 'Hate Party'.

But when the BNP used a pot of Marmite in an election ad under the slogan 'Love Britain Vote BNP', Unilever failed to see the funny side and sued.

Unilever has refused to disclose the terms of the settlement but a former BNP national organiser told the Sunday Mirror the racist party was "on the verge of bankruptcy".

I can take or leave Marmite, despite the slogan. But with news like this, it is my mate.