Let's raise a glass of something fizzy to Coca-Cola.

Once again crowned Britain's Biggest Brand this week, in 2009, Coca-Cola became the first-ever grocery brand to record retail sales of more than £1bn, we reveal.

It's a staggering achievement when you think about it.

A carbonated sugary drink, its success is a testament to the power of branding and marketing management, not least in the mystique surrounding the secret formula, but also the consistency with which the same curly-wurly logo has adorned countless bottles, cans, paper cups and other receptacles since its UK launch in 1900.

Save for a brief and near disastrous 'relaunch' in 1986, Coke has stuck to its guns and is an object lesson to all marketers who want to 'make a difference' by ripping it up and starting again.

Amid all the talk of retro brands, no-one talks about Coca-Cola. But a retro brand implies it went out of fashion, while Coca-Cola is somehow timeless.

And here's the most staggering thought of all: with a new meal-deal initiative, CCE is targeting an extra £1.4bn of incremental sales by 2013.

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Top of the pops: Coke smashes £1bn barrier (20 March 2010)