It comes to something when a product as British as the banger - and one that’s been crowned the best of its breed - can’t get a listing on home soil.

As we report, A Turner & Sons has hit a snag in the form of retailer red tape. While Brits abroad will soon be able to buy the company’s Best of British sausages in Malaysia, Brits at home, it seems, will have to wait until next year’s range reviews take place before retailers will even consider stocking them.

In the meantime, Help For Heroes - which receives five pence from the sale of each pack - is losing out on a potential goldmine. The tabloid headlines write themselves: ‘Malaysians step in to help our boys after supermarkets snub our snags.’ It’s a good job that we are a respected business-to-business title and wouldn’t take such a line.

Turner’s experience highlights the inherent inflexibility of supermarket supply chains and their leaden-footed range reviews. Perhaps more important, though, it begs the question: are retailers who claim they support ‘local’ suppliers and charities actually telling porkies?