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Many Reckitt Benckiser brands have suffered sales declines in recent months

Shelf prices of Reckitt Benckiser’s household and health products have risen by as much as 23% in the mults over recent weeks.

According to research by The Grocer using Assosia data, Cillit Bang Cleaner Spray Limescale & Grime 750ml has soared 23.1%, from £3.25 to £4 in Tesco [12 w/e 29 April 2024].

In Asda, the price of Gaviscon Double Action Heartburn & Indigestion Relief Mint Tablets 48-pack is up 22.4%, from £9.80 to £12.

Finish Quantum All In One Lemon Dishwasher Tablets 44-pack is costlier in Morrisons by 10.5%, from £9.50 to £10.50.

Dettol Antibacterial Mould & Mildew Remover Spray 750ml in Sainsbury’s is up 7.1%, from £3.50 to £3.75.

Morrisons declined to comment on the price increases, while Sainsbury’s advised that popular household items were included in its Low Everyday Prices initiative.

Neither Tesco, Asda nor Reckitt Benckiser had responded to requests as The Grocer went to press.

The price increases come as many Reckitt Benckiser brands have suffered sales declines due to cash-strapped shoppers choosing cheaper, own-label alternatives.

For instance, value sales of market-leading dishwasher tablet brand Finish were down 2.2% on volumes down 14.1% in the year to 9 September 2023 [NIQ].

In the same period, value sales of Dettol fell 5.8% on volumes down 17.8%. Cillit Bang made a £1.6m gain but due only to higher prices – its volumes fell 3.2%.

Gaviscon was the only aforementioned brand to volume gains. They rose 2.2% while value sales went up 9.3%.

Shares in Reckitt Benckiser hit a 10-year low in March, with £5bn wiped from its value after its Mead Johnson baby formula business was ordered to pay $60m (£48.1m) in damages to a mother who said her premature infant died of an intestinal disease after being fed Enfamil.