Generation Z or Zoomers make up almost a fifth of the UK population and even the youngest among them are now active shoppers 

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They were born with the internet and spend a lot of time there – but wouldn’t dream of using the same social media as their older siblings, let alone their parents. They care more about the environment than any generation before them, and expect brands to as well – or they’ll spend elsewhere. Their idols aren’t on TV but YouTube and TikTok. In work they want a purpose, not just a paycheck.

They are Generation Z or Zoomers - born between the mid 1990s and the early 2000s – make up almost a fifth of the UK population and are having a huge impact on the grocery sector.

So how can they be won over? The Grocer is dedicating its annual conference in 2023 to fignding out, featuring a variety of experts, brands, retailers, researchers and influencers.

The London event – How to Win with Gen Z in Grocery – is taking place on Tuesday 14 March next year.

The full programme, speaker list, venue location and details on how to purchase tickets (including discounts for subscribers) will be announced in January.

“Just when you thought you had millennials sussed, a new generation with completely different ideas and ideals comes along,” said The Grocer editor-in-chief Adam Leyland.

“They have the spending power and influence to make or break brands, so it’s critical the sector responds to their desires and knows how to reach them effectively. There is no better place to learn how – as well as get to meet some highly influential ones – than our annual conference.”

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