iceland new products

The new lines, which make up Iceland’s new autumn range, are a mix of branded and own label

Iceland has added over 200 new SKUs to its range of products spanning frozen, fresh, ambient, toiletries and alcohol.

The new lines, which make up its new autumn range, are a mix of branded and own label, and include an extended range of vegan SKUs revealed by the The Grocer last month.

New branded products include a 750g bag of Aunt Bessie’s French Fries for £1, a 375g Bisto Classic Cottage Pie, also £1, and 800g Warburtons Mighty White loaves for 50p.

Own-label lines, which make up the bulk of the new products, include ready meals, desserts and steaks.

The new meat-free lines are an expansion of Iceland’s No Bull range. They include No Bull Jalapeño Burgers, No Chick Crispy Fillets, No Chick Chunks, No Bull Meatballs, No Bull Mince, No Bull Sausages, No Chick & No Porkies Paella, No Bull Chilli and Rice, Asian Burgers, Tofu Vegetable Burgers and Green Vegetable Balls.

Iceland Foods Group managing director Richard Walker wrote in a tweet yesterday: ‘Just enjoyed a “No Chick” chicken lunch. Why restrict yourself to #MeatFreeMonday when you can now buy this whole amazing vegan range exclusively at @IcelandFoods?’

New alcohol lines include a one-litre bottle of V-Kat Dry Schnapps for £7.75, 70cl of Soiree Brand X for £6 and 75cl of Burfield Pinot Noir, also £6.

Iceland typically carries around 2,500 SKUs, according to a spokesman.