F1 racing packs
Philip Morris is reintroducing its limited edition racing pack for its Marlboro brand to appeal to adult smokers who follow the F1 racing season. The Marlboro Racing Edition pack for Reds King Size 20s features racing imagery and is available from this month.

Active athletes
Lucozade Hydro Active is being given a new look this summer to generate better shelf standout. New packaging will feature an updated logo that carries the image of an athlete whose shape represents the letter 't' in the word 'Active'.

Enamel hardener
A toothpaste which has been formulated to counteract the increasing problem of acid erosion is being launched by GlaxoSmithKline. Sensodyne Pronamel helps to harden tooth enamel, making it more resistant to further acid attack, according to GSK.

Rum ice cream
Doddington Ice Cream has teamed up with truffle maker Alnwick Rum to create a rum truffle ice cream. The ice cream, which comes in 120ml cartons, will go on sale through retail outlets and delicatessens throughout the north east of England.

Football sweets
Swizzels Matlow is gearing up for the World Cup with football-themed confectionery products. It is launching football rattle Kicker Clicker Pops in strawberry, blue raspberry and apple flavours as well as a Fun Gums mini bag range of jelly pieces in the shape of footballing heroes.

Movie snacks
Westler Foods is targeting movie fans with its Big Mex chips & dips box. The snack boxes contain an individual portion of original tortilla chips, a pot of spicy cheese dip and a serving of chunky salsa designed for snacking.