Nestlé Rowntree certainly sees the wisdom in extending tried and tested ranges, with launches such as Milkybar Munchies and Little Rolos in 2002 capitalising on the popularity of the bitesize treat category.
Milkybar Munchies are also an attempt to adapt the number one white chocolate brand for children to suit adult tastes.
Little Rolos fit into a bigger campaign which has seen the relaunch of Rolos themselves this month, complete with improved recipe and packaging.
Nestlé has been quick to seize on the increasing trend for hanging bags by launching jelly sweets under the Wonka range in May. Wonka Mix, Wonka Jigsaw Jellies and Wonka Laboratory Sour Mix were timed to grab children's interest during the summer holidays.
Nestlé also brought out Rowntrees Fruit Rush gummy sweets for adults with a fruity liquid centre in impulse and hanging bag format. It even extended its confectionery brand into other foodstuffs in the shape of its Fruitsome fruit cereal bar and Wonka Xploder and Golden Cruncher biscuits.
And it has continued to build on Quality Street's seasonal success with the introduction of its Big Green Triangle last Christmas, developing the range from sharing and gifting into the small treats market.
Cadbury Trebor Bassett, meanwhile, has traded off the appeal of Cadbury Buttons to launch Giant Buttons.
According to company data, the product has increased sales in the 12-15 age group but, like Nestlé with its Milkybar Munchies, Cadbury hopes the line will hook adults as well as young people. The company says sales of the Giant Buttons 175g bag format so far continue to rise across multiples and co-ops, but the largest increase has come from impulse outlets.
Not to be outdone when it comes to the extension of existing ranges, Masterfoods has created M&M's Crispy, a powerful contender for top slot in the bitesize treat category. M&M's brand manager Nick Brock says: "So far, results have been fantastic, with M&M's Crispy driving brand sales by 57% [Information Resources]. Masterfoods has made sure retailers can reap top sales by providing displays and point of sale such as till-side units and dumpbins, and investing in a £6m ad campaign to generate consumer awareness."
Masterfoods has also capitalised on the growth in bitesize and bagged sweets with the launch of Starburst Fruitensse and Starburst Flipsters over the last year.
Ferrero, meanwhile, has been busy driving growth in the otherwise static mint market by introducing a spearmint variant to its Tic Tac portfolio - the first new flavour for 20 years. A £2.8m TV and print media campaign, plus PoS and sampling activity, was used to raise awareness.
According to ACNielsen, the development contributed 8% year-on-year value sales growth without cannibalising on Tic Tac Fresh Mint sales.
Ferrero's Kinder Surprise white chocolate egg range has hatched an Angels and Devils line produced last month in time for Hallowe'en, following the January launch of Kinder Internet Surprise. The latter was a longer term move, offering children two novelties inside their eggs in place of the previous one. The new feature was a magic code' enabling access to a games web site.