Tango's quest to be the epitome of cutting edge cool among its target 16 to 20 year old audience has taken a new direction with the unveiling of its new £5m advertising campaign. Following in the footsteps of the Tango man and the Tango megaphone, the latest Tango brand figurehead is Tango Inside', an animatronic character that lives inside people's stomachs. He comes to life when fed Tango and dispenses what he thinks is good advice -- but the results may not be satisfactory. The first ad shows a young man in a tricky situation at his girlfriend's parents house. Tango Inside advises him to squeeze the father's knee ­ and the humorous twist is that the father squeezes the lad's knee in reply. Tango brand controller Janine Chandler said that moving the campaign on from the ad executions of the early '90s was crucial in maintaining brand credibility and in making the brand relevant to the lives of the core 16 to 20 year market. She added that Tango aimed to pitch itself not just as a flavoured carbonate drink but as a youth brand in the same kind of street cred league as PlayStation2, Chunky KitKat and Budweiser. The new campaign hits screens on December 1. The Tango Inside character (played by Jon Culshaw) will also appear in cinema and press ads as well as on the Tango web site (www.tango.com). {{P&P }}