AGE PROFILE of cold ham consumers Children 0-1014% 11-168% Male 17-3411% 35-6423% 65+8% Female 17-3410% 35-6419% 65+10% Info: Usage overview of cold ham. In-home and lunchbox There were 2.6 billion meals that used ham last year Adult men eat 41% of ham (but only 36% of total food) Ham consumption peaks on a Monday at 17% of the week's total, reducing day-by-day to just 11% on a Sunday Lunch is the most popular meal for ham A third is eaten because it is a favourite Women drive ham consumption growth Ham sales have grown 7% to £691.3m and are up 4.4% in volume to 90,000 tonnes. A slightly higher number of shoppers are purchasing more frequently and in greater volume at higher average prices. Ham is popular among children aged 6-16, as well as men 17-64, but less so among women. In spite of that the strongest growth in ham has occurred among women aged 25-34 as they use it more in lunchboxes. More than half of all ham consumption is as part of a light meal. However more is being consumed as part of main meals. However, the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board says last year's poor summer led to consumers looking for more substantial evening meals and slowed the growth in premium hams. The fastest-growing foods featuring at the same meals as ham include noodles, spinach, mushrooms, rice and roast potatoes. Ham is primarily eaten because it counts as a favourite. Health considerations are the second-most important consumption driver, followed by convenience. Lauratu Osu