Cuts of lamb were eaten on 605 million occasions last year, down by 1.8% on 2004's levels

Joints of lamb account for 41% of total cuts, with lamb chops making up a further 28%

Half of lamb is eaten with gravy

Lamb is most commonly roasted (43% meals)

Lamb a favourite with older consumers

The over-45s are key consumers of lamb cuts, eating 55% of all lamb meals. In fact, consumers over 65 eat more than a quarter of lamb cuts. Children account for 14% of consumption, men 42% and women 44%.

Just less than 60% of lamb cuts are eaten at the evening meal. Consumption at this occasion has remained virtually static, whereas all other meals have shown some decline. Lamb is comparatively weaker against other red meats at teatime, a meal geared more towards children.

Lamb cuts have the highest percentage of consumption at Sunday lunch with 15% (pork has 13% and beef 12%). In fact, lamb shows a bias toward weekend consumption in general, as well as strong consumption at the evening meal. Some 63% of lamb cuts' are eaten for enjoyment compared to 57% of beef cuts and 54% of pork cuts.

Roasting is the most common method of preparation; it is almost twice more likely to be roasted than total red meat. Vegetables, gravy and mint sauce dominate the top ten foods eaten with lamb.

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Info: Usage overview of lamb cuts. Year ending November 2005.

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