Consumers in Great Britain drank 181 million units of pure cranberry juice over the past year - up 27% from the previous year.

Females are the core consumers, accounting for 60% of total consumption.

Cranberry juice is drunk most often at breakfast (43%) and at the evening meal (19%).

Health is the key driver for comumption, accounting for 44% of all usage.

Cranberry is ideal for a 5-a-day portion

Cranberry juice has become even more popular with consumers over the past year with consumption growing by 27%. Women drink 60% of all cranberry juice, in particular those aged 45 plus, who consume 39%. Older women are the most health conscious, which is the main driver of consumption, with 44% of the juice drunk for health reasons. Cranberry juice consumption has grown among younger children (0-5) and older males. It is an ideal way for children to get a portion of their recommended 5-a-day.

As cranberry juice is consumed predominately at breakfast (43%), the types of foods it is most commonly drunk with are products such as bread and rolls, breakfast cereals and butter or margarine.

Despite the role health plays in cranberry juice sales, consumers also drink the juice because it is a favourite (32%) and so taste is an important factor. Cranberry juice is more likely to be consumed as an alternative to alcohol. Esther Cunningham