Who's in the team?

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare's brand team for its child pain-relief product Calpol is headed by group marketing manager for child medicine Alyson Lockley. She has worked at Pfizer for two-and-a-half years and oversees the team as well as directing the long-term strategy of Pfizer's child medicine portfolio. Lockley is joined on the team by senior product manager Christina Matula-Hakli who has also worked at Pfizer for two and a half years and is responsible for Calpol's current products. NPD manager Holly Turner, who joined Pfizer four years ago, is responsible for launches. Marketing assistants Rowan Blenkharn and Lauren Arnold complete the team. Blenkharn is on a placement from Newcastle University, while Arnold joined the team in June with responsibility for administration.

What are they currently working on?

Matula-Hakli says that the team has been busy working on new initiatives for the coming cold and flu season, which runs from September to March. Last month, the 100ml bottle version of Pfizer's ibuprofen product Calprofen was switched from pharmacy-only to the general sale list. "The product is selling very well, especially in grocery, and there has been a big in-store push," she says.

What are the team's plans for 2006 and beyond?

The team are currently gearing up for a new TV campaign for Calprofen set to air in December. They're also working hard on the first launch for Calpol out of the pain and fever category with the Calpol digital ear thermometer. "A thermometer should be a medicine cabinet staple," says Matula-Hakli. "However, research found that only 14% of households have them." The thermometer was launched in high street retailers Boots and Mothercare last week and is expected to be available in the grocery sector from January next year. This year is also Calpol's 40th anniversary and the team has celebrated this with a campaign to find the new face of Calpol. From 18,000 entries, a winner and runner-up has been selected and are expected to appear on new packs which are being rolled out this week. The team also plans to invest heavily in NPD with more launches outside of the pain and fever category expected late next year.