Cream liqueur manufacturer Saint Brendan’s is launching what it claims is the first microwaveable Irish coffee.

The Derry-based company is rolling out Shannon’s Irish Coffee next month ahead of Christmas with listings already confirmed in Sainsbury, Tesco and Marks and Spencer.

The drink, which takes 45 seconds to heat, has a 12-week shelf life and contains Irish whiskey, coffee and double cream.

At 11% abv, it is double the alcoholic strength of the average Irish coffee served in a restaurant, said Saint Brendan’s managing director Ciaran Mulgrew.

He added: “It’s aimed at the indulgence after-dinner market but would also work well within the gifting fixture.”

The product comes in a box containing two glasses and the company advises that the line be sited next to the cream liqueurs. Rsp: £4.99.