Simon Mowbray Tetley has revealed ambitious plans to create a "totally new sector" in the tea market. The company is launching Tea:therapy, a range of teas which make a "normal cuppa" but have the added taste of herbs. Coming in three different flavours, Uplifting' heads the range and consists of tea bags of black tea with ginseng and peppermint. Balancing' and Calming' are both lower in caffeine, containing added fennel with lime flower and camomile, lemon balm and honey respectively. Rsp for 40 bag packs of Tetley's new offerings, which roll out to stores from the end of this month, will be £1.39 compared with 90p for the same number of standard Tetley tea bags. Dorothy Sieber, customer marketing manager at Tetley, said the company was confident that customers would pay extra to try the new bags, which can be used with or without milk. She said the idea was to give mass appeal to a niche sector currently dominated by the likes of Twinings. "We already have listings in all the major multiples and are still talking to Tesco," she added. "The response has been great and we will be getting the product out to independent retailers soon." Pat Collier, hot beverages buyer at the Co-operative Group, said: "This is a bold move from Tetley. "It's a good tasting product but it will be interesting to see how it fares." {{P&P }}