Karen Dempsey McVitie's Jaffa Cakes has signed a £5m sponsorship deal with Manchester United. Over the next two seasons Jaffa Cakes will be "the favourite half-time snack of Manchester United", claiming to give players a low fat high energy boost. The status as "platinum sponsor" allows McVitie's corporate hospitality at the ground, and the Jaffa Cakes logo will be displayed when the players are interviewed after matches. Jaffa Cakes is sponsoring the Manchester United Training Academy which develops young football players. Much of the promotional activity around the sponsorship will focus on kids. From August 14 an on-pack instant win consumer promotion ­ across the whole Jaffa Cakes brand, including Jaffa Cartons, Tubes, Snack Pack, Mini Jaffa and Jaffa Cakes Bars ­ will give 100 kids and their friends the chance to spend a day at the Manchester United Training Academy. This will be flashed on pack, in stores and in cash and carries, supported by a £400,000 kids' print media campaign and a promotion on the Man U web site. McVitie's sales director Colin Hutchison said: "The Jaffa Cakes brand is on a roll and this will give it more visibility and awareness ­ particularly with kids." He predicts that this sponsorship and media activity will grow the £36m Jaffa Cakes brand by 5% this year and by 10% in 2001. {{P&P }}