Citrus fruit brand Jaffa is to undergo its biggest revamp in 15 years this month, as it is relaunched with a new look. The brand is getting an updated logo and is being relaunched on Tesco shelves over the next few weeks, supported by Jaffa-led promotions. It has been given a fresher, more modern look in a bid to increase its appeal to the younger consumer and will be sold under the strapline Love Life. Love Jaffa.

The move follows research that found younger consumers did not tend to associate Jaffa with citrus fruit. Only 12% of research participants in the 16-to-24 age category were found to do so, compared with 65% of over 55s. 

“It’s wonderful to have that post-war following in the UK, but it needed to be refreshed,” said Marius du Plessis, general manager of brand owner MTEX UK. The campaign also aimed to stress that Jaffa was a premium fruit, after fewer than 1% identified it as such, said du Plessis. Many young people didn’t even associate Jaffa with oranges, the research showed.

The roll-out will be supported by a four-year-long campaign, during which the Jaffa brand will support the 2012 London Olympics through sponsorship of Great Britain’s Olympic sailing academy in Weymouth. As part of the activity, a vintage Jaffa-branded van will be travelling around the country next summer, visiting summer festivals and windsurfing locations. The van has been designed to reassociate Jaffa with its retro roots.

The UK accounts for 90% of Jaffa branded sales, with more than 1.5 million boxes sold in the UK a year. Tesco is the only retail stockist of Jaffa in the UK, carrying oranges, grapefruit, satsumas, clementines, tangerines and easy peelers. The supermarket has an exclusive 12-month supply contract with MTEX.

The relaunch is part of a Continent-wide promotional push on Jaffa. The brand is little known in mainland Europe, where the fruit is mainly sold as own label, but MTEX is looking to improve its consumer-recognition.