Jersey Dairy is ditching semi-skimmed milk in favour of a 1% fat alternative in a nod to the growing demand for lower-fat dairy.

It has begun rolling out half and one-litre bottles of 1% milk and will no longer be producing milk labelled 'semi-skimmed'. The move was a response to changing consumer demands, and would offer shoppers more choice and opportunity for a healthy and balanced diet, said head of marketing and sales Chris Journeaux.

"Jersey Dairy is keeping pace with national developments 1% fat milk was introduced in the UK in 2008 and is now one of the fastest-growing milk products in the country."

The 1% message was also clearer, he said. "If you get rid of the point and replace it with a single round number like 'one', you know where you are with it." The difference in nutritional content between 1% fat and semi skimmed typically 1.5% was minimal, he said.