An entrepreneur who is bringing living salads to supermarkets has scooped two farming awards at the NFU's inaugural national prize giving event this week.

Andrew Johnson of Home Harvest Salads produces a living baby leaf salad, which shoppers buy still growing in a small pot, to cut fresh. It has been available since last year in Sainsbury and arrived at Tesco last month.Next week it will be in 100 Asdas.

The rapid commercial success of the Living Salads brand was recognised this week when Johnson won two awards from the NFU: innovator and producer of the year. Johnson said the key to buyers' enthusiasm to list the product was its vitamin and mineral content, which is higher than in bagged salad, as well as its 'fun' appeal. "Kids like to take ownership of it and elderly people, who perhaps don't get out into the garden, enjoy looking after it well."

The rsp of a typical 180g pot is £1.59.