Jordans is unleashing a broad attack against its major rivals with launches into the porridge, healthy cereal, muesli and cereal bar categories.

The company has unveiled seven new products that will rival offerings from Weetabix, Quaker, Kellogg and UBUK and which will extend the company's products outside its traditional offering. A £5m marketing package for the Jordans brand in 2007 will provide further fuel for the launches.

This month it is expanding its Frusli cereal bar range to include Toppers, bars coated with a jam-like layer of fruit. Available in three flavours - strawberry, raspberry & cranberry, and apricot - it is being positioned as a guilt-free snack for adults and children and contains wholegrain oats and 118 calories per 29g bar.

"The range has been developed to offer all the natural benefits of Jordans with the low-calorie count of Frusli," said trade marketing manager Charlie Formby. "It is designed to open Jordans' products up to a wider audience."

It will compete with McVitie's Go Ahead! Apricot Fruit Tops cereal bars, which are covered with fruit pieces and were launched by UBUK in January.

Jordans Real Fruit Porridge, meanwhile, marks the company's first range of instant porridge in sachets and will compete with brands such as Quaker's Oatso Simple. The products come in sultana & apricot and raisin & apple flavours and contain 40% and 32% fruit respectively, with no added sugar or flavourings.

The company is also extending the health credentials of its established products. Its Jordans 3 in One cereal is a combination of multigrain flakes, oat clusters and fruit, while the Country Crisp & Flakes addition to its muesli brand combines multigrain flakes, cereal clusters and freeze-dried berries.