Jordans is going up against the likes of Kellogg's Fruit & Fibre and All Bran Flakes in the 'wholesome' section of the breakfast cereal aisle, with the launch of a new range called 3 in one.

The name comes from the products' combination of the high fibre of multigrain flakes, the slow-release energy of oat clusters and the sweetness of fruit. They have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

On shelf next week, with an rsp of £2.49 for 375g, the range consists initially of strawberry and raisin & apple variants.

They will get substantial marketing support next year, as part of a £5m investment in the company's portfolio, set to include a sampling campaign, as well as advertising.

The new duo marks Jordans' first breakfast cereals move outside its core muesli and adult luxury heartland since its first Original Crunchy breakfast cereal launched in 1972. The aim with the newest line is to encourage shoppers to trade up to more premium natural products.

Marketing controller Carol Flint said: "Over the past year healthy cereals and brands like Jordans have been driving growth within breakfast cereals.

"Lots of people understand the health benefits of eating fibre for breakfast but are also increasingly aware that wholegrain oats are a good source of slow-release energy. By combining these elements with fruit we have created a new fibre concept."

Jordans has had a busy year for innovation. It brought a Light & Crispy Muesli to market in July, aimed at broadening muesli's appeal, while a new Superfoods range of cranberry, almond and blueberry-flavoured muesli, bars and breakfast flakes preceded it by a month.

The 150-year-old company is the largest producer of organic breakfast cereals in the UK and a pioneer of Conservation Grade farming, a farming system that increases the number of wildlife species by up to 500% on farms without compromising sustainability.