Sainsbury is adding some fun to its wine shelves with three unconventional launches. It has created Rude Girl Shiraz to partner its Rude Boy Chardonnay, and Babe, a wine strictly for the girls. Rude Boy was a limited edition launch last year featuring the torso of a man on a heat sensitive label which, when chilled, revealed he was wearing a thong. Rude Girl shows the back of a woman who is reduced to her underwear when the label is warmed. The two wines went on shelves nationally last week and have been sourced by Western Wines from South Africa, retailing at £4.49 for the Boy and £4.99 for the Girl. Babe is a Chardonnay sourced by International Wine Services and follows in the footsteps of other innovative wine packs created by the company, including Marc Xero and Deep Purple. An IWS spokesman said the concept, featuring a vivid pink bottle and minimalist labelling, had been well researched and was designed to meet the needs of young women who expect good quality wine in innovative packaging. Trade marketing manager John Brooks added: "Distinctive packs help consumers remember the wine easily and encourage repeat purchases, provided the drinkers enjoyed the wine itself." Babe is produced in California by Golden State Vintners and retails at £3.99. {{DRINKS }}