As if things weren’t gloomy enough right now, Unilever has launched a range of Lynx products inspired by the end of the world.

Taking its cues from the Mayan calendar, which predicts the world will end on 21 December 2012, the company is launching Lynx 2012: The Final Edition body spray and shower gel (priced at £3.25 and £2.54, respectively).

The new range, which sports a dramatic Gothic black and gold pack design, would be “pushing boundaries”, claimed brand manager Kieran Danaher. The company is supporting the newcomer with a £5.6m year-long campaign, including TV, digital and in-store activity.

Unilever has revamped its core Vaseline lotions range with improved formulation and new, clearer packaging. A £4m campaign to support the updated range kicked off this week and will include TV and press advertising.