Wrigley hopes to squeeze extra sales out of its Juicy Fruit brand with a new pack design.
The company also plans to raise investment behind the variant with a “significant media support programme” .
The spring clean for Juicy Fruit coincides with its 40th anniversary. It has traditionally been aimed at bridging the gap between children who chew bubble gum and adults.
Although Wrigley’s sugared gum variants enjoy nowhere near the same levels of success as the Extra and Airwaves brands, Wrigley continues to insist they remain a valuable part of its portfolio.
Spokeswoman Jo Hartop said: “Juicy Fruit satisfies a unique consumer benefit within the chewing gum business.” She said the new packaging was “just the start” of some “exciting new initiatives” behind Juicy Fruit.
One buyer said: “It’s good to see they haven’t completely turned their back on brands which helped build their company in the first place.”