Shoppers are splashing out more than £20 on eBay for Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise eggs - over four times the £5 rsp.

The 100g eggs - a Blue version with Batman toys and Pink featuring Polly Pocket - are fetching high prices on the site, with sellers claiming they have sold out in some stores. Ferrero said it was “delighted” with the performance of the eggs but had received no reports of supply issues.

Some shoppers have taken to social media, however, to report difficulties finding the Batman egg. The eggs are available to retailers only in cases containing equal numbers of each.

Tesco, which is selling the eggs for £4, said that, anecdotally, it did appear people were favouring the Blue over the Pink, but added that both were available in most stores.

Ferrero said the brands it partnered with were chosen for their relevance and popularity.

“We have no reason to believe one egg is performing better than the other,” it added.