Kingsmill and Hovis dominated the bakery category throughout last year and they continue to lead the way in branded activity so far this year.

In the pre-packed bread/rolls sub-category, Hovis was last year's leader with 39% of activity among the top five brands. Its closest rival Kingsmill took second place with 32%, ahead of Warburtons, Rathbones and Burgen.

While both brands continue to vie for the top spot in 2007, Kingsmill's continuing innovation has prompted a resurgence of promotional activity and it is now the clear leader with 53% of space ahead of ­Hovis, which moves into second place with 31%.

Kingsmill bread has been on save, buy-one-get-one-free and x for y across three of the five retailers. New promotions have included offers on Kingsmill 50/50 Loaf, Crusts Away and Headstart Omega-3.

Hovis has also launched and promoted new varieties including its Hovis Best of Both Invisible Crust. Offers have been recorded across all five retailers - again using a selection of promotional mechanics.

Featured space activity in pre-packed bread/rolls by Rathbones in 2007 has pushed the brand up to third place from fourth. It is now ahead of Warburtons, which had third place overall last year. Rathbones has only recorded offers in Morrisons but showed consistent activity in January and March.

Warburtons, Burgen and Nimble all share fourth place with 3% of recorded activity so far this year. Warburtons featured space promotional offers have been limited to Asda, where the favoured mechanic has been x-for-y.

Asda was the only retailer to have the Burgen brand on featured space promotion in 2006. Offers were recorded in May, June and July. This year, Burgen has been promoted in Tesco stores, using the save


The last brand in the sub-category is Nimble. Promotions were only recorded for the brand in the month of January - in Asda last year and in Sainsbury's so far this year.