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    No core species in UK 'are unsustainable'


    All the core lines of wild fish sold in the UK are now sustainably sourced, claims major seafood supplier Young's. While environmental groups complain fish stocks are dangerously over-exploited, Young's deputy chief executive Mike Parker...

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    Rethink of fish advice 'risks confusing public'


    Britain's largest seafood supplier, Young's Bluecrest, has warned that a possible change of tack by the Food Standards Agency over fish consumption levels risks confusing the public. The FSA currently recommends that everyone should eat...

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    'No fish in the sea by 2048? Don't be daft'


    Scottish fishermen have blasted a Science magazine report forecasting that there will be no fish left in the sea by 2048 as a result of overfishing, pollution, habitat loss and climate change. The study by an international team of...

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    Supermarkets hailed for seafood progress


    Just months after its protesters took to the roofs of Asda and Morrisons' stores, Greenpeace is hailing British supermarkets for leading a green seafood revolution - but wants further action. During Seafood Week next week, campaigners...

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    Salmon producers hail 95% signing up to code


    The Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation is calling for 100% of farmed salmon producers to sign up to the code of practice to provide a robust answer to the industry's critics. The SSPO has announced that 95% of the salmon farming...

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    Special way to help troubled Welshmen


    Asda is stressing its support for the hard-hit Welsh lamb sector with the launch of a premium range that puts farmers on pack and stresses quality and traceability.  In the light of the closure of two major North Wales abattoirs,...

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    Plea for co-ops to be freed up to compete


    Britain's farming co-operatives need to be freed from the constraints of competition law to enable them to raise their game and become class acts like their counterparts abroad, according to a report from First Milk.  The...