Nestlé is giving its Kit Kat 2 Finger a healthy makeover and ditching artificial ingredients in a bid to increase its appeal to gatekeeper mums. The relaunched bars, which will be available from August across the trade, are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 

Packaging of the bars has been updated to highlight the improved recipe with a 'No artificial colours, flavours and preservatives' banner on the front of packs, which came in milk chocolate, dark, orange, mint and cappuccino variants.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK trade communications manager, said the company was currently "investigating applying the changes across the brand" but said it would be a "complicated process that would take more time".

He said the decision to remove artificial ingredients from Kit Kat 2 Finger formed part of Nestlé's strategy to "ensure our products can be enjoyed as part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle".

He added: "Our consumers are really interested in the ingredients our ­products contain and parents in particular are looking for us to remove artificial colours and flavours where possible," he added. 

"Making a change to Kit Kat one of our biggest brands and a family favourite is a really positive step forward."
The range is already capitalising on current health trends with a '107 calorie' display on packs. The recipe change aims to further boost the bar's appeal to mums looking for more permissible treats.

Nestlé is supporting the relaunch with a £1m advertising campaign, including press and in-store activity from September, which forms part of a £21m total spend on the Kit Kat brand this year.

"We are confident the campaign will appeal to mums and will help drive sales," Walker said.
The developments come on the back of a highly successful year for Kit Kat. Total sales of the brand were up 14.3% to £196m, according to IRI [52 w/e to 23 May 2009]. 

The Kit Kat 2 Finger range accounts for £85m of sales, up 8% year-on-year [IRI 52w/e to 23 May 2009].