After reading your report on Kwik Save last week, I had to put pen to paper ('Confusion reigns at Kwik Save's store swoop', The Grocer, 21 October, p30). We have a first class fruit and vegetable shop inside a Kwik Save at Whittlesey in Peterborough, Northamptonshire. I believe that it is the only business of its kind in the country.

Until February of this year we had a thriving business, into which we have put 100% of our time to build up over the past six years.

However, since acquisition vehicle Back to the Future bought Kwik Save, the business has suffered because Kwik Save has nothing to bring customers to its store. This has had a devastating effect on the whole town.

We feel that we have been left in a very difficult situation, not knowing what is ­going on. The only correspondence is promises that never materialise.