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The new programme is designed to showcase how the company works with its farmers

Lactalis UK & Ireland has introduced an updated UK sourcing standard for 2023 as part of a new programme, which showcases how it works with its farmers and communicates new and ongoing farm initiatives to its customers. 

The Sustain programme has two core deliverables: the sourcing standard and a UK development group.

The sourcing standard set out the company’s position on key farming practices and principles for its supply farms to adhere to, including requirements relating to milk quality and food safety; herd performance and welfare indicators; antibiotic use and carbon footprints.

Supplying farms are audited on these standards by the farm supply team.

The Lactalis Development Group aims to share industry best practice through workshops and on-farm discussions, with farmers required to participate in a minimum of two group activities per year.

“We are committed to improving farm and animal welfare standards based upon the latest scientific and expert guidance,” said Matt Friel, procurement director at Lactalis UK&I. “We are also committed to reducing farm carbon footprints by 30% by 2033 and maintaining a sustainable milk supply.”

The company currently works with 140 UK farms and collects 245 million litres of milk annually.

“As one of the UK’s leading dairy companies, we know we have a responsibility to manage the dairy sector’s environmental impact, and by working with our farmers to produce good-quality, affordable products, we can enhance health and wellbeing while treating people, animals, and the planet with respect,” Friel added.