Shopper reward app Shopitize has unveiled a new consumer insight tool for grocery brands.

Retail Reconnaissance utilises Shopitize’s ability to track weekly supermarket receipts to create detailed reports on consumer buying habits across the five major UK supermarkets.

Using Retail Reconnaissance would enable brands to establish patterns in buying behaviours, which would help them improve key areas such as marketing spend and stock levels, said Graham Halling, commercial director at Shopitize.

“Through Shopitize we can see what customers are buying, when and alongside which other products, through receipts,” he explained. “We are now offering this data through reports to help brands compare sales and purchasing habits against all five retailers.”

Shopitize, which has partnerships with brands such as McVitie’s and Cravendale, works by rewarding customers with cash back if they upload enough photographs of receipts for specific brand purchases. To date, shoppers have uploaded a total of 40,000 receipts.