Thorntons is going after “discerning chocolate lovers” with a new premium range exclusively for its own stores.

The range of 33 SKUs comprises a mix of new and improved products, with prices ranging from 89p for the cheapest chocolate bar to £9.99 for the Dreamy Desserts selection box.

Thorntons said the new Indulgence range, which goes into stores in time for Valentine’s Day, had a premium look and feel, and was also affordable.

“The proposition is straightforward. Simply irresistible,” said Thorntons brand and customer marketing director Hannah Legg. “This is for really discerning chocolate lovers, people who are always on the lookout for new tastes and experiences.”

The range will be grouped together in stores in one bay, with a merchandising unit to display the chocolate blocks.

The launch is part of a broader revamp of the entire Thorntons range that started with Classics and toffee and fudge last year and will take 18 months.

The confectioner is aiming to revitalise its range and get rid of complexity and duplication.