Wall’s Funny Feet, the retro ice cream brand brought back thanks to The Grocer, is being extended into impulse.

The pink, strawberry-flavoured lolly was reintroduced in a four-pack via supermarkets last September, after a 20-year absence. A single pack version (rsp: 90p) will go on sale next month.

“Funny Feet has performed really well for us,” said Unilever ice cream director Noel Clarke. “It has rapidly become one of our top five children’s products.”

The popular 1980s ice cream returned following The Grocer’s Bring Back A Brand campaign. The campaign gave readers the chance to vote for the ‘retired’ fmcg brand they would most like to see back. Funny Feet attracted 6,000 votes and, using consumer insights from the campaign, the Wall’s team updated the packaging and secured listings.

Another product to feature in Bring Back a Brand, bagged snack Fish ‘n’ Chips, was relaunched this year by Burton’s Biscuit Co.