Sausage producer Cranswick has added a Better Because.. low fat premium pork sausage to its Lazenby's range. On shelf in Sainsbury this week, the newcomer goes into other multiples next month. With less than 3% fat and a minimum of 90% meat, it is aimed at the health-conscious consumer. Other benefits include low salt content, and no gluten or GMOs. Minimalist packaging carries the Freedom Food mark which shows that the RSPCA endorses the company's animal welfare methods. Cranswick, which launched the Best of British premium sausage range last year, said the sector rose 11% last year, with consumers trading up. "As the choice of gourmet premium sausages grows, meat content increases and levels of fat drop, consumers see them as a dinner party winner," said a spokesman. Rsp: £2.29, 340g. {{P&P }}