Pork loin medallions

AHDB review is welcome

Sir, I was pleased to read that there is to be a review of the AHDB. The organisation is a testament to what is holding back our industry. It is managed by men of a bygone age holding on to ideas that are no longer relevant. It is a talking shop that hides behind ‘this is how things have always been done’.

This organisation has a sizeable chunk of farmers’ and producers’ hard-earned money and as far as I am concerned they spend it navel gazing.

Most of that money should be spent evangelising that British is best, and celebrating our British farmers, producers and growers. I would like to see the people who actually produce and grow our food celebrated.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, founder, The Black Farmer

Gove’s diesel proposals

Sir, Michael Gove’s proposal to ban the use of red diesel to power refrigeration units on distribution vehicles will have significant effects on the grocery sector. The move, which is in effect a tax increase, is well intended, but will likely contribute to higher food prices.

This tax change is predicted to cost the logistics industry £100m in additional overheads, but will not deliver any environmental benefits, as using diesel to power refrigeration units is currently the industry’s only viable option.

Logistics companies are already working within incredibly tight margins and this increase in costs would have to be passed through the chain, eventually meaning consumers pay more for their food.

Nick Hay, CEO, Fowler Welch

Don’t demonise all plastic

Sir, Since Blue Planet II aired, negative coverage and misinformed commentary about plastic has dominated the media.

I wonder why these plastic-free campaigns aren’t specific. And why don’t they refer to single-use plastic? After all, these campaigns were created using plastic computers, and watched on plastic tablets or mobiles - and probably funded using a plastic credit card.

So many everyday long-lasting and essential items are produced from plastic and do an excellent job over the long term.

So rather than tarnish its reputation with campaigns that suggest all plastic is ‘bad’, let’s have a balanced campaign against single-use plastic.

Jim Hardisty, managing director, Goplasticpallets.com