heck vs aldi chicken sausages

Sir, As owner and founder of Heck, I am appalled at the way Aldi continues to dupe the shopper into believing they are buying Heck sausages.

We recently wrote a very nice non-legal letter asking them to desist in hoodwinking the shopper - in return we received a lengthy legal reply to try and scare us off. But enough is enough, we are a small family business that has invested time and substantial cash in developing the UK’s number one brand, enjoying 50% market share. Why should we stand by and watch these cowboys sell a lookalike pack to their customers?

I could take expensive legal action and make the legal eagles fatter, but why do that? I am going to take them to task myself and I will place our business in the hands of the legal system. Other brands have been ripped off in the past by Aldi - for some reason they think it’s clever. It’s not, it’s just plain wrong.

I am not only doing this for my business, I am doing it for the scores of shoppers who have written to us complaining about the fact they believed they were buying genuine Heck products only to find they had been duped, and felt very strongly about it. At Heck we believe a complaining customer is our best friend.

Time to stand up to the playground bully.

Andrew Keeble, owner & co-founder, Heck