Local sourcing finally moved into the political spectrum last week with David Cameron calling on Brits to become 'food patriots' and for the British Army to be fed on food produced in the UK. An army marches on its stomach, so presumably DC wants to see our service men and women readied for battle with dumplings, Yorkshire puds and Cornish pasties. Hardly food to keep you fighting fit.

Pushing the wrong button on the keyboard can have cruel results as The Independent discovered last week when it reported the food industry was launching a not-so-modest £4bn rather than £4m advertising blitz to support GDA labelling. Bogof wonders what a campaign worth twice that of Tesco's annual profits would entail - 24-carat gold PoS material for better shelf standout maybe?

Marketers are always talking about how they want their brands to make some noise in the aisles and now they can, according to the Daily Mail. Cans of food could soon contain microchips and speakers that shout out serving suggestions to shoppers. Whether shoppers would want to be harangued with 'stick me on toast' every time they go down the beans aisle is another matter.

It turns out Sir Terry Leahy is an unlikely heart-throb after one besotted shopper took the Tesco boss's pledge of customer satisfaction too far. Sir Terry has was reportedly bombarded by love letters for nine months by his obsessed suitor, who was given a three-year probation order. Bogof wonders what she saw in the multi-millionnaire retailer!

It's good to see Scotland's national dish haggis has made it onto the UK menu for first-class passengers on board the Orient Express. I've heard that England's national dish - curry and oven chips - has yet to make an appearance.

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