Leadsom’s agenda

Sir, Defra is one organisation that could really benefit from a Brexiteer at its helm (‘Leadsom takes over at Defra in new Cabinet’). I hope this will kickstart a more joined-up approach, which has been missing between the Department of Energy & Climate Change and Defra, and that Leadsom will present a clear strategy that prioritises action to tackle climate change, promotes the green economy and positions the UK as a global leader working towards a sustainable future. In her new role, she should be using the Brexit negotiations to create new policies that make a real change in the UK. Legislation to reduce the environmental impact of unavoidable food waste must be high on Defra’s agenda. Our recent report Tackling London’s Food Waste aims to bring attention to this problem and encourage businesses and key decision makers to ensure food waste is avoided where possible, separated, reused or recycled.

Paul Killoughery, MD, Bio Collectors

Jack shows how to do it

Sir, Congratulations to Jack Daniel’s on achieving the no 1 spot in the whisky market (‘Britain’s favourite whisky brand is no longer a Scotch’). The clue is in the very clever marketing, from the mystique surrounding the founder, and the way the story is told, to its multi-channel communication. The brand ‘connects’ to its audience. It may also help that the brand is licensed into other categories (eg sauces, ready mixed variants) and that Jack Daniel’s encourages ‘mixing it up’ to make a wide range of drinks. In other words, marketing works hard to create and engage. The lesson is simple - the role of marketing is vital in any company, regardless of size, especially in times of economic downturns/increased competition. Sales teams get you short-term results. Marketing achieves survival of the company.

Casper Gorniok, marketing consultant

Satfat study concerns

Sir, Recently the Dairy Council submitted evidence to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition’s (SACN) working group on satfat. Disappointingly, the group will only consider saturated fat as a whole, meaning that the impact of individual saturated fatty acids, such as those found in dairy, will not be taken into account. The working group has, however, acknowledged the Dairy Council’s concerns and may recommend looking at individual fatty acids in the future. It is important to consider the complex interplay of nutrients within the food matrix and the effect of the whole food.

The Dairy Council will continue to communicate with SACN where possible and hopes this is an aspect that will be considered for future projects.

Erica Hocking, senior nutrition scientist, the Dairy Council