Sir: With regards to your article (‘Proposed government Nursery milk scheme changes could ‘save £364m”,, 28 June), we would like to point out that the Department of Health is not applying for the 2.9p per 189ml subsidy from the EU for the cost of milk provided to children through the scheme.

The DH is quick to point to the rising cost of the nursery milk scheme. But not claiming the subsidy is costing it £10m a year. It doesn’t add up that ministers are not claiming a subsidy that would make a significant contribution to its cost.

Many of us are worried the DH could settle on a course that cuts the cost of the scheme by reducing the number of children receiving milk. This is what could happen if the responsibility is pushed on to early years professionals, who may withdraw from offering milk if they can’t take on the burden on top of their demanding workloads.

Jon Thornes, interim chairman, School and Nursery Milk Alliance