Sir; The food writer Joanna Blythman is entirely wrong to tar Divine Chocolate with the ethical sell-out brush (Second Opinion, The ­Grocer,).

In this respect, we want to make very clear to readers the difference between Divine Chocolate's position and that of Green & Black's.

Divine Chocolate, the only Fairtrade chocolate company that is a third-owned by the farmers who supply the ­cocoa, has not and is not seeking any ownership relation­ship with a multinational business.

Our mission is to deliver as much benefit as possible to West African ­cocoa growers, by selling a popular and delicious choco­late here in the United Kingdom.

We will not and cannot do anything to jeopardise this mission.

Divine is a Fairtrade chocolate company, which through an entirely unrelated acquisition in which it was not involved has ended up with a very small stake being ­ultimately owned by a major multinational company. Green & Black's courted and secured a 100% buyout by a multi-national.

Ownership is about power and income. The Kuapa ­Kokoo farmers co-operative's 33% share in Divine Chocolate will continue to give them power in, and income from, Divine that is far more significant than any minority stakeholder would ever have.