Sir: The decrease in the number of fake vouchers being sold on eBay is good news for the industry and especially for grocery retailers who are bearing most of the costs today. The reduction in fakes being sold is a testament to the Institute of Promotional Marketing and eBay working closely together (‘Voucher fraud down after eBay rule change,’ 12 July, p8).

With demand for coupons hitting new heights, according to the latest industry redemption figures, all parties need to stay vigilant, especially with the growth of digital scanners and printers, and image manipulation software. 

The IPM’s Coupon Council encourages brand owners and their agencies to follow industry best practices, which can be found on its website. Where fraud does happen it is typically because a campaign has ignored (or been ignorant of) such best practices, and made a simple but expensive mistake.

Charles D’Oyly, chairman, IPM coupon committee