wonky veg food waste

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Sir, Food waste champion Ben Elliot described the current levels of food waste as ‘an environmental, moral and financial scandal’  and I completely agree.

Defra estimates that every year, 100,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food goes uneaten, much of which comes from manufacturers and households.

While some retailers are selling ‘wonky veg’ and reducing packaging to become more sustainable, it’s not enough. It’s one thing encouraging people to crack down on waste at home, but vast amounts of food are being wasted further up the supply chain, often due to supermarkets changing their minds, leaving a problem with manufacturers and suppliers.

Hiding behind onerous contracts, this food is often wasted because it has the ‘wrong’ name on the packaging. More effort needs to be put into repurposing these products, so they don’t damage the brand but, firstly, so they don’t become unnecessary waste. We still have a long way to go!

Andy Needham, director, Approved Food