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Sir, GDPR legislation does indeed open up opportunities for brands to strengthen their data relationships with shoppers. But we know from our most recent research on the subject that more than two-thirds of consumers still take active steps like creating secondary emails and falsifying details to avoid sharing personal data. 

Yes, GDPR will go a long way in helping brands establish that they are trustworthy and transparent, but businesses need to be realistic about and responsive to current attitudes to sharing personal information.

A significant part of the population is opting out of brand engagement entirely because they’re being asked to share too much about themselves. Companies need to think carefully about whether a less is more approach could be more valuable. For retailers and brands, the work is not done now that 25 May is out of the way - they could run the risk of losing customers altogether if they think it is.

Phil Sutcliffe, head of offer and innovation, Kantar TNS