C-store offer on shelf

Sir, Sadly, while as a statistic the uplifts from POP quoted in your article on in-store shelf barkers all have merit, the truth here is much more complex. We have been measuring all aspects of what works for many more channels than this for some years.

Any brand wanting to grow needs to put messages in their core stores as close as possible to the product. On-pack ‘try me free’ is a better bet for long-term uplift than any POP. Meanwhile, targeted social media at just your core stores/core customers (perhaps 20% maximum of the total) comfortably exceeds the results stated. In both of these cases, the measure you need is not immediate uplift, but long-term retained new business. Perhaps not a surprise, then, that if you add the two together the results are even better.

Meanwhile, it is horrendously difficult to get any shelf or store material in place reliably. So often you need to factor in a field team to get anything placed. This throws much of the calculations out the window unless, again, you are able to target just the core stores (those with a much higher percentage of your core customers).

In all cases, focusing on just core stores for positive action increases average results quite dramatically, and reduces the costs.

Colin Harper, CEO, Core2Store