Recycling metal cans

Sir, Your special report on soft drinks makes good points about the pros and cons of soft drinks packaging. However, I must disagree with the comment made by Zoe Lind van’t Hof, founder of Wunder Workshop, regarding putting plastic and vinyl on cans and claiming it makes them unrecyclable. This is incorrect - the metal can is still completely recyclable.

Any plastic seals or coatings that may be put on cans are removed in the sorting process. The rest of the can is then recycled.

We encourage consumers to continue to put cans with plastic seals in the recycling bin.

Marcel Arsand, chairman, The Can Makers

Measure without ‘spying’

Sir, The alleged supermarket ‘spying’ scandal has shone a very bright light on the world of shopper research and behavioural insights. It is clear that developments in this area stem from the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of in-store execution.

Not only is measuring shopper behaviour controversial, it misses the point that shoppers make buying decisions within a few seconds, and if they can’t immediately see the product they want, they can’t buy it.

Brands can gain valuable insights by ‘digitising’ shelves. Fixed cameras, pointed at the shelf, are the most important enabler of enhanced shopper interaction. They allow brands to check in real time how products are performing, without compromising shopper privacy.

Martin Smethurst, MD EMEA at Trax

Water & plastic model

Sir, Retailers have always been at the centre of social change, leading the charge on social responsibility.

We have implemented a partnership model to help end water poverty and plastic pollution. At the core of this is a unique collaboration across retail.

By capturing a tiny fraction of retail bottled water revenues, Water Unite aims to generate a significant source of funds for targeted, catalytic investments to help reduce both the impact of plastic waste as well as global water and sanitation issues.

We will be presenting our program alongside the Consumer Goods Forum in June.

Chris Sellers, head of retail, Water Unite